Tea Cup and Saucer Stand holder display

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  • It’s convenient to store Dish ,Keep dry and Tidy
  • Small dish drainer rack can be stored vertically in cabinets
  • Perfect for small apartments or kitchens with limited storage or countertop space
  • Removable utensil holder makes going from drainer rack to cutlery drawer
  • Making your life more easy and convenient

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Tea Cup and Saucer Stand holder display

  • Perfect Drainage】: The bowl rack easy drainage board spacing is designed reasonably to avoid water accumulation in the rack. Great for drainage. Compared to other similar stainless steel cutlery racks, it is lighter, safer and more durable. Especially suitable for families, hotels, canteens and other places

  • 【Multifunctional and easy to install】: The plate and bowl organizer for cabinet vertical filter has an inner diameter of 5.3 inches and a four-sided cylindrical structure, which can accommodate various tableware, such as full-size small plates, bowls, etc.

  • [Easy to clean]: bowl drying rack saves space, keeps dishes dry and tidy. Compared with drainage boards, stable drainage boards are smaller in size. Cutlery and crockery can be easily placed. Parts are removable for easy cleaning.

  • [EASY TO CLEAN]: save space and keep the dishes dry, and keep the dishes tidy. Compared with the drainage board, the stable drainage board has a smaller volume. Cutlery and crockery can be placed easily. The parts are detachable and easy to clean.

  • [PRACTICAL AND STYLISH]: For those who take up very little counter space and are ideal for small kitchens, they are neatly placed to avoid clutter. If you like neatness, I believe this tableware rack must be your perfect choice.

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