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Workers from Fox News swooped in and dismantled Tucker Carlson’s Maine recording studio just as he was preparing to take his show to Twitter, has learned exclusively.

And the studio – in a converted barn – will now have to be completely rebuilt after being left in shambles by the network’s crew.

‘Fox came in last week and got all their sh*t out of there,’ Patrick Feeney, who is managing the work, told 

‘They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything.’

Now the conservative firebrand is helping work alongside a three-man construction crew at the studio in downtown Woodstock,’s exclusive photos show. 

Ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson was seen unloading equipment and materials out of his SUV as he carried out construction work at his now defunct satellite studio in Woodstock, Maine last week

Carlson, who was axed by Fox last month, has returned to his summer hometown where he would usually film his long-running nightly talk show remotely for the season, to repair and rebuild his studio after it was dismantled by the network 

Sources tell the political pundit is trying to get his studio back up and running as he prepares to launch his new venture 

Carlson, 54, spends his summers in the rural town, 55 miles west of the state capital Augusta, where Fox had built a set in an old barn so he could broadcast the show remotely. He was due to start filming from the satellite studio within a few weeks when he was suddenly fired by the network on April 24. 

Tucker has since given his own crew a new job, to get the studio back up and running. But the removal of the original set meant they had to repair the infrastructure.

‘There’s no hardware in place at all,’ Feeney said. ‘There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time.’

Feeney told that his boss, who spends much of the year in Florida, had only recently returned to Woodstock, where he owns a house on a lake on the outskirts of town.

‘He just got back late last night after meeting with lawyers and all that stuff,’ he said. ‘As you can imagine, he’s very, very busy right now.’

The polarizing host was booted from his top-rated show Tucker Carlson Tonight in late April. 

The company gave no official reason why they let their most-watched anchor go, but the decision came just six days after Fox settled with Dominion Voting Systems paying the company $787.5 million in a defamation lawsuit.

One of Tucker’s daughters was seen visiting her father at his studio to drop off packages, one of them being an ax

The political pundit was seen handling an ax and other equipment as he and a three-person construction crew got to work on the studio last week 

Carlson was due to start filming at the satellite studio (pictured) for the season when he was abruptly fired on April 24. The network recently traveled to Woodstock to remove the set and the equipment, his local construction manager told 

The conservative firebrand was dressed for a day of work, sporting a checkered flannel, utility vest, pants, and flat bed clogs 

One of his daughters was seen helping her father unload items from his SUV, including a brand new ax delivery 

Soon after, some of the pre-trial discovery materials leaked, including a slew of incendiary text messages Carlson sent the day after the January 6 storming of the Capitol when he recalled seeing a mob of three white men attacking an ‘Antifa kid’ and said he initially wanted the victim to be killed.

Out of a job while still due to receive a hefty Fox salary through 2025, Carlson didn’t wait long to make his next move.

On May 10, he announced he is launching a new version of his show. He posted a three-minute video on his Twitter page captioned ‘We’re back,’ slamming the mainstream media while telling his followers: ‘Starting soon we’ll be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter.’

Variety reported last week that several Fox anchors have reached out to Carlson expressing their desire to join him when their contracts expire. 

The publication also wrote that he is poised to launch the show within a month, with his former senior executive producer Justin Wells – who was fired at the same time as Carlson – on board.

Later in the day Tucker’s wife Susan also swung by the studio for a quick visit to drop off some more packages 

There was a lot of work being done to the space throughout the day, with at least three workers coming in and out between sawing wood and working on other various projects

The removal of the original set meant the construction crew has to repair the infrastructure of the studio to get it back up and running 

An insider told that several Fox employees have already quit to join the startup. But according to Carlson’s own construction manager, the new show won’t happen within a month, at least if they’re relying on Woodstock to be the hub.

And as far as he knows, Real madrid fodboldtrøjer Carey details of any new venture are still being worked out and there is no date yet for launch.

‘We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again,’ Feeney said. ‘There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen. 

‘There’s nothing we’re doing other than cleaning the place up, shoring up the walls, making it look good again.’

A three-man construction crew could be seen last Thursday in the garage sawing wood, extending electrical wires and repeatedly entering the once-and-future studio, while banging away with hammers.

Carlson spent much of his day inside working the phones, dealing with fallout from Fox and plotting his new endeavor. 

At one point, he emerged to greet his wife Susan, who drove up to the building in an SUV hauling crates.

Carlson, 54, was dressed down in a brown vest with the sleeves to his red Oxford shirt rolled up, grabbed an axe and drill from the trunk, along with several boxes. 

Carlson spent much of his day inside working the phones, dealing with fallout from Fox and plotting his new endeavor

The refurbishing of the set comes as Tucker prepares to launch his own, new media venture following his departure from Fox


A three-man construction crew could be seen Thursday in the garage sawing wood, extending electrical wires and repeatedly entering the former and future studio, while banging away with hammers

He sorted through the items, bringing some into the building and discarding others in a nearby dumpster.

The cable commentator spends summers in the small town near the Sunday River ski resort with his wife. The couple has four children, including son Buckley who is due to get married this month.

Carlson was busy preparing for the wedding as he dealt with work. He also fitted in a fishing trip. He declined an interview request.

Before the Twitter announcement, Carlson’s attorney Bryan Freedman sent an aggressive letter to Fox arguing that the $25million noncompete provision in his contract is no longer valid, which would in turn allow him to launch a competing show, or media entity.

‘We bring some other things too, which we’ll tell you about,’ Carlson stated on the video. ‘But for now we’re just grateful to be here. Free speech is the main right that you have. Without it, you have no others.’

Afterwards, Elon Musk – who purchased the platform last October – clarified that he had not signed a deal with Carlson, and like other creators on the platform, the political host would generate his own revenue from advertising.

For all of 2022, Carlson averaged 3.03 million viewers, second only to Fox’s ‘The Five’ as the most popular program on cable television

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The Fox News star was due to start filming locally in his studio in just a couple weeks when he was fired on April 24

Both Susan and their four kids have tried to stay out of the limelight over the years, and none of them use social media 

‘I also want to be clear that we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever. Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators,’ Musk tweeted.

It has also been revealed that Carlson had a conversation with Musk about working together.

The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX chief executive added that he would like to see others, especially those who lean left, follow Carlson’s lead.

The Twitter show would seem to violate Carlson’s contract with Fox, but his attorneys’ claim in their letter that Fox breached the contract first.

Carlson’s contract technically runs through January 2025, and Fox reportedly wants to keep paying him until then, which would prevent him from starting a rival show.

Freedman’s letter indicates that Fox employees, including ‘Rupert Murdoch himself,’ broke promises made to Carlson ‘intentionally and with reckless disregard for the truth.’

Specifically, the letter alleged that Fox broke an agreement with Carlson not to leak his private communications to the media and not to use Carlson’s private messages ‘to take any adverse employment action against him.’

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