U-Shaped Cartoon Prints Car Shape Fancy Silicone Baby Toothbrush


U-Shaped Cartoon Prints Car Shape Fancy Silicone Baby Toothbrush

  • The Handle Is Comfortable To Hold And Grip; Your Kids Are Easy To Clean Their Teeth By Themselves.
  • Age:2-6 years
  • The DEEPSEA Mi babe U-Shaped Brush Can Effectively Remove Dirt From The Surface Of The Teeth, Between The Teeth And The Gingival Crevices.
  • They Can Effectively Remove Plaque And Prevent Caries, Making Teeth White.
  • Simple Design With Beautiful Color, Ensure Its Popularity Among Kids.
  • Portable And Lightweight, Easy To Carry To Where You Need.
  • Bright Color And Comfortable Experience, Let Your Kids Fall In Love With Brushing Their Teeth.
  • It Can Effectively Prevent Dental Caries And Let Your Baby Have Good Teeth.
  • Perfect For Kids Teeth Profile, Comfortable And Safe.

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  • Let your baby fall in love with brushing teeth: Many babies are lazy and reluctant to brush their teeth. How to make them fall in love with brushing their teeth? The answer is to choose the toothbrush they like. This toothbrush adopts the cartoon car design that children like, which can attract their attention and let them brush their teeth actively.
  • Color and Size: This U-shaped toothbrush comes in three colors: blue, pink and yellow. It is suitable for boys and girls.
  • High-quality material: made of food-grade silicone. The material is safe, there is no peculiar smell, and the baby is healthier to use. The silicone brush head is resistant to high temperature and can be disinfected at ordinary times.
  • Special U-shaped design: Different from traditional toothbrushes, we use a unique U-shaped brush head design, which fits the teeth better. The U-shaped design fits the mouth better, making it easier for babies to accept. Babies can brush their teeth while playing.
  • Healthier: U-shaped brush head design, 360° cleansing deciduous teeth. It is easier for babies to clean their teeth. Clean teeth in all directions to make the oral cavity healthier.

Start From The Baby’s First Tooth. Mothers Need To Guide Their Children To Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits. The Product Adopts U-Shaped Soft Rubber Brush Head, Smart Teeth Cleaning, Safer And More Assured. Using High-Permeability Food-Grade Silica Gel, Good Quality “Permeable,” Does Not Contain BPA Control Products From The Source, Refuses To Recycle Materials, Only For The Health Of The Baby. Round And Comfortable Handle, Twist And Twist-You Can Brush Your Teeth In Just One Turn Brush Twice A Day; It Is Recommended To Replace The Toothbrush Every 1-2 Months

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